Training as day care nanny

During the stay of our chairwoman Anika Akopian in Gjumri in summer 2017, we were able to start a new project for young women to be trained as day care nannies for children. This profession has very good employment perspectives. During the meeting with the employment exchange office in Gjumri it became obvious that there are several free positions for nannies, which, however, require some sort of training and specific education. In cooperation with the employment exchange office and the local organisation "Smile to you"  (which will organize and implement the curriculum), we could develop a training plan and schedule for the future day care nannies.

The participants will first be taught in a number of theoretic subjects. A lawyer will teach the specific employment rights and duties for nannies; a doctor trains them in First Aid and in recognizing typical children sicknesses. The biggest part of the schedule contains psychological  topics like different methods and concepts of child education and pedagogics, fairy tales, games and early childhood promotion. For this part of the schedule, we could win the cooperation of Ms Karine Sahakyan who holds the chair of the Institute for Pedagogics at the University of Gjumri. Moreover, the participants have to complete three weeks of practical experience - in a kindergarden, a school and in "Emil`s Little Sun", a therapy center for physically handicapped children which has been cooperating with the Caritas of Tyrol and Vorarlberg in Austria for many years. The training ends with an exam and all successful participants will receive a certificate.

On Dec. 4th, 2017, a group of 10 women has started with the training which is being held in the offices of a human rights agency. We are very happy to contribute to the chances of young women for a stable job position and to work for a common goal together with some important organisations in Gjumri.