Project II: Medical Treatment of Children


The Austrian Children's Hospital in Gyumri built through Austrian donations  after the terrible earthquake in 1988 has been generously supported by Prof. Günter Peter for many years. We are excited and thankful to continue the medical projects which have been run by him.


In Armenia there is no public health insurance system. Treatment costs are covered only for children up to 7 years of age  and even in these cases only to a very limited extent. Many parents living in difficult social circumstances face financial difficulties to cover expenses of medical care for their sick children. In cooperation with the Armenian NGO "Armenian Charitable Austrian Center", run by Dr Ashot Kurghinyan, the director of the ÖKS, different activities will be undertaken by our association to provide the most vulnerable families with an adequate financial support.  The association will also take measures to cover those medical expenses for children under the age of seven which are not covered by the state.


For this project, there are no estimated costs.  The association will continuously ensure financial support as much as possible.

Picture October 2016