Project III. Cancer Examination for Women


In the framework of this project, women will undergo screening and  clinical examination for the early detection of cancer. The project will be implemented in the fall of 2016 in cooperation with the Medical Center of Vanadzor city which will provide us with premises free of charge. A gynecologist and nurse from the hospital staff will  join the project team on a voluntary basis. Furthermore, the Hospital will support us in the on-site organizational issues. Vanadzor medical center will offer further consultations and measures for medical treatment of those women who have been diagnosed with cancer.


The project also covers travel expenses of those patients who live in remote areas of the region and face financial difficulties .


We consider that during three project days our team will be able to examine around 250-300 patients. The estimated cost of screening for 250-300 patients is approximately  € 1,500.


Sterile wipes, gloves and disinfectants will be provided by the Medical Center of Vanadzor.

The cytologist and organizer will travel from Vienna to Armenia at their own expense. Depending on our financial means, devices and other necessary items will be either bought or borrowed in Armenia. As mentioned above, two other members, a gynecologist and nurse from the Medical Center of Vanadzor, will join our team.


On behalf of my team, I would like to thank you for your support and belief in our project. We wish you all good health!

October 2016

In October, we have started the implementaion of the Project No III, Cancer Detection for women in Vanadzor during the period of Oct. 18-20. In the frame of the project, Pap test was used to screen women for cervical cancer. On the first day it snowed and the whole city was covered by snow.

A total of 266 women were examined during these three days.  Despite bad weather conditions, 25 % of the examined women came even from remote areas. Unfortunately, among them was a 33-year-old woman who was diagnosed with cancer and 6 more with pre-stage cancer. These women got consultation from a gynecologist  and their treatment

options have been discussed.

Thanks to the wonderful hospital team's professional approach to the organizational issues this project was successfully carried out. We also plan to carry out this project in other regions as well, and raise women's awareness about cancer symptoms.
Many thanks to our donors who have made this possible.