Frequently asked questions:

1. What happens with donations?

Donations will be used for the implementation of the project you have donated for. In case you have not indicated the project name and number meant for your donation, your donation will be used for purposes within the framework of the association.


The ongoing costs for the management of the association (such as telephone, website, bank charges, postage) are covered privately by the board members. Travel expenses of board members to Armenia (for project visits and local contacts) are also financed privately.


2. Why should I join? What are the benefits of membership?

Becoming a member and paying a membership fee, you have the certainty to have your own contribution in order to help people in need.

We will regularly update you on the current use of resources and progress of ongoing projects.  We do believe that with your help we can obtain many achievements. As a member you have certain rights and advantages, e.g .:

  • Attending the general meeting you will have access to the association’s accounting 
  • You can propose new projects that can be voted on at the general meeting
  • Upon request, a trip to Armenia can be organized for our members
  •  you will have an opportunity to attend our events and learn more about one of the culturally and historically richest countries in the world, discover its precious Christian art treasures,  enjoy benefit concerts and make new friends with like-minded people who share our values and mission to help those in need

3. How is the use of funds controlled by the association?

The following measures will be taken to control the use of funds:

  • by written contractual agreements between the association and Armenian project partners
  • by accounting, such as invoices
  • by regular field visits by our board members
  • by the appointed auditor
  • by the possibility of having access to the accounting documents at the general meeting