The following pictures were taken by Hayk Barseghyan which he has provided to us.

The video can be seen here.


Project description:

After the devastating earthquake in the region of Shirak in 1988, tens of thousands of people have been provisionally housed in mobile containers.  After nearly 28 years, many people still live in those containers without heating, water and electricity. The government has not been able to continue reconstruction projects to provide the homeless residents with apartments. Since the social situation of the affected families is catastrophic and the issue of homelessness is not addressed properly, other actors come into play.

Hayk Barseghyan has become one of those actors. With the support of other young people, Hayk Barseghyan launched the ‘’Day of Shame’’ photo-project in the framework of which he documented the housing situation of some families in Gyumri.  The project aimed at raising the issue of homelessness in the region. Through charity appeals spread widely on social media, necessary funds have been collected which allowed 23 homeless families to move from containers into apartments.


Hayk Barseghyan has created a google map which illustrates the location of homeless families and contains information to contact those people. However, the map is not complete yet but will be completed   by the end of this year. This map can be considered as a unique online database which provides information on how many families exactly are still living in shelters and  which specific needs they have. It provides contact information making it easier for those people who would like to help these homeless families to get in touch with them. The locations and all the information are being illustrated on the map with the consent of the needy people. 

The collected data will be used for other projects (these activities are to be concretized by Hayk Barseghyan) to support these families in regaining a decent living space.


The team is still working on the mapping project and needs  financial support in order to cover project expenses.


The costs for the whole project amount to € 800, -.


How it looks like so far, you can see here.